Aamir is the eldest child in a poor family.  A few years ago, Aamir at age 6 started working in a store to help his mom who was the sole provider for her family.  At the time, there were no free schools for Aamir.  When MDF opened the Sheikhupura School, his mother eagerly enrolled him.  Young Aamir, unbeknownst to his mom, skipped school the first week and headed back to work because he felt obliged to help his family.  Teacher Iman caught him one morning as he tried to sneak away. She explained that by attending school, where he receives a free lunch, he is helping his parents offset their costs of feeding him, AND gaining access to an education that will give him better job prospects in the future.  This talk changed everything. Aamir has since dedicated himself to school and passed two grade levels in just one year! Every day he eagerly runs the 3 km to school and makes his mother very proud.