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Marshall Direct Fund was founded by a group of experts in foreign relations between the United States and Pakistan. All staff, advisors, and volunteers bring valuable technical expertise that range from International Development, Human Rights, Capacity Building, and Gender Equity. 

silbi head shotFounder Silbi Kelly Stainton, a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, earned a Master’s degree in Law and Diplomacy focusing on International Security Studies and International Negotiation and Conflict Management. Her areas of focus include counter-terrorism, Middle Eastern studies, and Southwest Asia. She cross-enrolled at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where she studied non-state threats to international security and leadership. Her thesis, which began prior to 9/11, focused on the U.S. management of the war on terror.

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  1. enjoyed reading FLAWED DIPLOMACY, a book that trcaes the historical development of international terrorism from infancy to its present status as the greatest threat to international peace and security. Further, the book tells a very readable tale about what the UN has done, and more to the point, failed to do, to deal with this problem. The book covers the many involved facets ofinvolvement, such as financing and harboring of groups that carry on the commission of violent criminal acts in the furtherance of international politicaladvantages.The author has recommendations as what needs to be done to implement a coherent international strategy in response to this danger. The advancement of international travel and the ease of terrorists crossing borders is a factor that allowed a sleeper cell of terrorists to enter the United States as tourists and students to commit the horrific act on 9/11, the most spectacular act of international terrorism. I highly recommend this book to the general reader.Jose Simonetnote: the reviewer is a former US Immigration Judge

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