MDF4“We were all very moved after watching the film and discussion of Girl Rising, I mean, 33 MILLION more boys go to school than girls around the world! That fact alone was a huge motivation to start brain-storming ways we (the eighth grade girls) could help. We met a few times and came up with one of our schools best (and favorite) ways for grades to earn funds: an el tioga (lunch for the entire school). We then chose our charity, Marshall Direct Fund because they not only worked outside of America but because they also work locally. Plus, it cost less to put girl in school for a whole year. In the end of our event, we raised over $800! These funds are being matched which means we can send 16 girls to school for a YEAR. I think that is awesome.” -Olivia Fite, 8th grader at Aspen Community School

“After seeing the movie at Aspen High I realized how lucky we are because we are able to go to school. Girls in Pakistan will do anything to get an education so they can have a better life. We wanted to help. At first we thought it would be good if we each raised money but realized that if we organized a fund raiser we could make more money.  After the fundraiser success, we realize even as 8th graders we can impact the lives of others.”-Fia Palmberg, 8th grader at Aspen Community School

“Once I learned about Malala and her courage, I immediately wanted to do something. Marshall Direct Fund is an organization that makes sure youth in Pakistan have access to education. And that’s why I like them. When I shared a presentation that Marshall Direct Fund helped me to create, my classmates couldn’t believe that kids all over the world didn’t get an education. Right now in my class, we are going to read the junior version of  I Am Malala. I am happy that I got to learn more about education in other countries. I’m grateful for what we have, I hope you are too.” – Celeste, Age 12