Board Member Information and Requirements

Given that we have a lean staff, Marshall Direct Fund relies heavily on an active board to assist with various operational responsibilities to ensure the organization’s success. Thank you for considering a board position. Those interested in applying for a board position should please fill out our short form here. You are also welcome to direct any inquiries to Executive Director, Danielle Givens, or current Board Co-Chair, Courtney Boyle.

Important information regarding board membership…
Participation: The MDF board meets every other month via conference call. Members located in the same area/city are strongly urged to convene and call in together. We require participation in a minimum of 4 out of 6 meetings per year. Attendance and assistance at the Annual Aspen Reception fundraiser in July strongly encouraged. 
Contribution: Members are required to contribute a financial amount that is significant to them. This can be in the form of financial contributions, in-kind services, facilitation of fundraising events, introductions of new donors, assistance connecting MDF with useful resources, individuals, and groups, etc. Regardless of participation levels, financial support from ALL of our team, even if only a nominal amount is required so that we can report to future potential grantors that we have 100% financial support from all of our board members.
Active board: We require each board member to serve on a committee (please see committee info below). We suggest all members to follow MDF on facebook and keep up on our electronic communications. MDF relies heavily on both volunteers and the board to achieve success so that our programs to provide quality education and vocational training in Pakistan and foster meaningful dialogue between the US and Pakistan can grow and flourish.

Committees: There are currently 3 committees that meet every other month either by phone or in person between formal board meetings. Committees allow small groups to tackle specific issues paramount to the organization without involving the entire board on all activities, this way smaller groups that have an interest and ability to execute on specific activities can do so. We welcome people interested in joining a committee versus becoming a formal board member.

    ♦  Governance Committee: Ensure effective board processes, development, structure and roles, including committee development, board evaluation, recruitment of new members/ keeping list of future potential members, orientation of new members, etc.
    ♦   Marketing Committee: Oversees development and implementation of a Marketing Plan including identifying potential markets, their needs, how to meet those needs with products/services/programs, and how to promote outreach, PR, programs, etc.
    ♦  Development Committee: Oversees development and implementation of a fundraising plan; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support; help with grant identification, donor acknowledgement, campaigns, events, getting board support; and ideally helping with monitoring fundraising efforts to be sure they are cost-effective and appropriate. We welcome support and involvement by volunteers on specific activities and events if participating on the committee year-round by non board members is of interest.

If you would like to become a board member, please take a few minutes to fill out our short form here.


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