The Economic Impact of Education

This graph demonstrates the vital importance of education to economic attainment. According to the International Labour Organization, each additional year of primary education raises a female’s earnings by 15%, and a male’s by 11%. The average girl in Pakistan who receives no education can expect to earn $1/day, and a boy $2/day; after receiving five […]

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MDF Friend’s New Book

Marshall Direct Fund friend and supporter has written a fiction-based-on-fact thriller about the Philippines. It is available for sale in paperback: (CreateSpace is a subsidiary of and the Kindle Edition: Please share with others!

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Political developments in NW Pakistan

This is a very significant article (written for the New America Foundation by our own Vice President, Hassan Abbas) that explains recent political changes in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province and the changing dynamics of insurgent groups.
An issue such as this is incredibly important for our own mission, to enable access to education in Pakistan; these […]

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GlobalGiving Matches Donations by 50%

MDF provided Vocational Training for 100 Women in Pakistan by equipping mothers with skills and training to produce clothing and embellished goods in order to launch successful businesses, generate income, send their children to school, and lift their families out of poverty, thereby enriching their quality of life and security.
Thanks to your support MDF received […]

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Get the MDF Toolbar and support our work

We have something new and exciting we’d like to share with you! It’s the new Marshall Direct Fund toolbar – once added to IE or Firefox, each time you shop at more than 1,300 stores (from Amazon to Zazzle!) a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to Marshall Direct Fund – […]

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Donate frequent flyer miles to MDF

We’ve launched a new program for supporters of MDF to donate their frequent-flyer miles to us to help us travel to and from Pakistan as well as travel domestically for conferences and other events.
We currently have programs set up with Frontier and Southwest, and will be adding more airlines soon!
Frontier: If you have an Early […]

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New Ways to Get Involved

Launching MDF’s new Circle Program! –
Are you, or someone you know, interested in advocating for women, children and access to primary and vocational education in Pakistan? Perhaps you, a friend or someone in your network is looking for a worthy cause. We have several tools and ideas to help start a new circle, and will […]

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Working with Leaders in Pakistan

Pakistani news site has an article praising the work of community leaders and activists in Pakistani towns in keeping communities together and strong:
“Our real leaders are the thousands of community activists in our midst – not necessarily well-known. They are heroes in their own right. They deserve our gratitude.”
We would like to thank the […]

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MDF VP Hassan Abbas interviews Hillary Clinton

Dr. Hassan Abbas (who, among many other accomplishments, is Vice President of MDF), was recently invited to interview Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Below is a portion of the interview, which can be found in full at his website.
Hassan Abbas: During your recent visit to Pakistan, you won the hearts of many through your courageous […]

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