What is Allies In Action?

Be a change maker – generate awareness, fundraise, or advocate. Host events or facilitating one-off or regular opportunities to meet as a group to learn more and make an impact on the lives of underserved youth and young women in conflict countries. We’ve had book clubs, schools, people with birthdays, and community leaders join our Allies In Action movement. Anyone can make a difference! Click here for our toolkit.

MDF4“We were all very moved after watching the film and discussion of Girl Rising, I mean, 33 MILLION more boys go to school than girls around the world! That fact alone was a huge motivation to start brain-storming ways we could help.” Read more -Olivia Fite, 8th grader, Aspen Community School

“After seeing the movie at Aspen High I realized…Girls in Pakistan will do anything to get an education so they can have a better life. We wanted to help…even as 8th graders we can impact the lives of others.” Read more. -Fia Palmberg, 8th grader, Aspen Community School

“When I shared a presentation that Marshall Direct Fund helped me to create, my classmates couldn’t believe that kids all over the world didn’t get an education. I’m so grateful for what we have…” Read more. – Celeste, 5th grader, Marble Charter School