2015 MDF cardEnd poverty. End conflict. Invest in Education. 

MISSION  Investing in education and women’s economic empowerment for a more peaceful world.

HOW   We provide primary education, vocational training, and opportunities for engaging in meaningful cross-cultural dialogue between the US and Pakistan. Marshall Direct Fund is named in honor of the Marshall Plan. We invest in war-weary people who are in great need of education and economic opportunities to choose peace and prosperity over violence and despair. We do not build buildings…we invest in human capital, teacher training, scholarships, and fair teacher/trainer salaries. We rely on sustainable financial support from social enterprise Peace of the Action developed to support women who have graduated from our vocational training program. Please visit Her Own Two Feet to learn more.

25 million imageWHY?  More than 65% of the population in Pakistan lives on less than $1 a day and a third of them are among the highest out of school population in the world with over 25 million school aged children not in school. Education provides socio-economic empowerment, alternatives to extremist activity and recruitment. Educated girls and women bring about economic growth faster to a country than any other measure.


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