Our Mission
Investing in education and women’s economic empowerment for a more peaceful world.

Our Name
The Marshall Direct Fund is named in honor of the Marshall Plan.  Just as George Marshall recognized the great need to invest in war-weary people and ventures abroad, we now have the very same opportunity to invest in people who are in desperate need of educational and economic opportunities so that they can choose peace and prosperity over violence and despair.  The “direct” part is exactly what it implies.  Donors to our foundation directly assist communities abroad without the middlemen of government institutions. And like George Marshall intended, it is an exercise of diplomacy…only this time, we all serve as ambassadors of our own country.

How We Began
During her time at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Silbi Kelly Stainton studied international security focusing on terrorism and asymmetric threats in the Middle East and SW Asia. She quickly became disillusioned by what she saw as a failure to fully deploy all of our country’s diplomatic and economic power to help eliminate the fertile ground Islamic extremists had in recruiting young people in the region.  Disappointed by what she saw as a lack of full commitment to use all arms of statecraft, including diplomacy and economic power, Ms. Stainton decided to do something.