Read Nisha's story

Little Nisha is a special kindergartener whose teachers describe her as smart and engaged. She is always the first student to raise her hand in class. When she came to our school she had a lash mark on her face. Nisha worked for her uncle in their fields and in return received an education from her aunt in the evenings. Unfortunately, her unkind uncle beats her for the slightest infraction, but Nisha was so eager to learn that she was willing to endure the punishments. Her mother was distressed but could not afford an education elsewhere. Fortunately, she learned about one of the free MDF schools from a family member. Since enrolling, Nisha has thrived in school. She brings home prizes of her academic accomplishments and is so proud and happy. Family and school staff take notice of how much she flourishes in this environment.

Teachers now realize that school is not only important for the education of the next generation, but it provides a source of salvation for kids like Nisha. This sweet girl came to us with lash marked cheeks, but now they are flush with excitement and eagerness, accompanied with a sunny disposition and a smile that lights up the room!