Global Kid Connect

A modern day pen pal program

Global Kid Connect facilitates meaningful dialogue  between students and teachers in Pakistan and the United States weekly over the course of half an academic year. Scanned and uploaded letters, photos, and video are shared on a secure blog. Curriculum segments include themes about family, school, leadership, peace, culture, and geography. Tailored educational goals can be customized. Last year English classes conducted co-construct stories where each buddy took turns contributing to a single story refining their composition skills.

Global Kid Connect is implemented in the Anchorage and Roaring Fork School Districts, however classrooms can virtually implement nationwide. Surveys are conducted at the conclusion of the school year and students that have participated say their experience has revolutionized how they think of and interact with people that are different than them.

One year had a female student in Pakistan attributed her ongoing ability to attend school to the relationship she had with her buddy in the states. The father of the student in Pakistan pulled her from school despite the attempts by school staff to convince him to allow his daughters to continue their studies. It wasn’t until he was showed a letter from his daughter’s pen pal…He was so moved that a girl in America cared about the education of his daughters, that he re-instated them.

If you are a parent or teacher interested in cultivating cross cultural dialogue and more informed global citizens, you can learn more and sign up here. Representatives of Marshall Direct Fund can conduct in-class or virtual orientations as either a one-off or introduction to the program. 

Student video projects