50My name is Saleha and I am from Afghanistan. I was only two years old when my father died in an accident, but my mother has since re-married my Chacha (My father’s brother). During war my family settled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan. In 2007 we came to Barakahu Islamabad and settled here. My mother learned about MDF SUKH School which provides free education, books, stationary, uniform and lunches and enrolled me, my sister and three brothers. I am very smart, and enjoy my studies.

I participated in the Global Kids Connect program where we get to learn about students our age in the USA. Recently my step father said that my sister and I attained enough education, and despite our mother’s best efforts, prohibited us from continuing. I cried a lot, begged my step father to allow us to return, but we had to spend our days at home.

My teachers and our Project Manager, Mr. Liaqet, tried to convince my father, but he did not listen to anybody. One day Mr. Liaqet visited my Chacha at his work place in the bazaar. He explained to my Chacha that he himself has only three daughters, all of which are attending school. He also told him the importance of girls in every society and the need of Pakistan to allow girls to receive an education. My Chacha told Mr. Liaqet that he is afraid that after we obtain education and awareness, girls will run away from home. Mr. Liaqet persisted and showed Chacha a letter from my buddy at a school in Aspen, Colorado participating in the Global Kid Connect Program. My Chacha was so surprised to learn that an American girl that lived half way across the globe cared about me and my welfare that my Chacha relented, and now my sister and I have been permitted to return to school. I am so happy to be back at school. I am so thankful to my teachers, Mr. Liaqet, and my buddy in America.