3 (2)Zahid Khan is one of 5 siblings and an extended family of 13. With increased terrorism in their village, he was forced to discontinue his education and his father’s shop, the only source of the family income, was closed. Luck would bring this family to an area outside of a big city where starting a life with so little was incredibly challenging. They tried to enroll the children in several schools, but could not pay the enrollment fees or meet the entrance standards that require English and Urdu. Zahid was from a region that did not speak Urdu and he did not have enough previous education to learn English. In desperation, Zahid’s father enrolled him in an Islamic religious school, but after learning about the Marshall Direct Fund school nearby, they enrolled him knowing that he would gain access to more subjects that would lead to more future job choices. Now Zahid can speak and write Urdu and his siblings have enrolled and are attending the same school!